Loving couple having an acupunctre therapy in a spa center


Acupuncture has been associated with scenes of needles and painful massages. However, the actual process is not only soothing, but has been proven to help with a variety of problems people may face. If you have trouble with fertility, weight loss, pain management, anxiety, insomnia, or depression, acupuncture may be the answer that you’ve been seeking.


Many of these problems are treated with extensive and expensive doctor trips, medicines, and endless bottles of pills. While many of these may be the only way of treating such problems, visiting our holistic health practice may prove to be a healthy alternative. Our acupuncturists are trained and professionally certified to assess and handle a variety of health situations, and choose the proper method of addressing the problem at its root.


Acupuncture is usually shown in media as simply pressing painful needles into random spots on the body. This is incorrect. At our practice, needles are virtually painless, and their placement is carefully evaluated to alleviate your problem – whatever that problem may be. Let your first experience with acupuncture lull you into a sense of security – and encourage you to make it part of your lifestyle.