Chinese Herbs

Did you know that bitter medicine is said to be the most effective? Many of us associate bitterness with something to be avoided, or a sign of poison. However, many traditional forms of Chinese medicine are blends that seem bitter, but work to flush toxins and poisons out of your body naturally. Let our clinic be your first of many ventures into the world of Chinese medicine.


Chinese herbs target many specific problems, and work to cleanse the body internally for external results. In the western perspective, we usually address problems once they begin to manifest physically – and often once they have already become a major roadblock in living a healthy daily life. Eastern medicine addresses problems differently. Rather than treating problems once they manifest and take hold, Chinese medicine addresses problems before they begin. This form of treatment keeps you healthy and well, and allows you the chance to eliminate problems before they begin to manifest.


Have you ever considered taking Chinese medicine? Now might be the time to try! Come and speak with our experienced Eastern medicine consultants, and find out the best fit for your problems!

Ancient Chinese medical books in the Qing Dynasty, the Chinese herbal medicine on the table