Stress and Acupuncture – What’s That About?

Let’s talk about stress.

Mindnumbing, battering, everyday stress that doesn’t let up. Chronic stress that flares up at the wrong times. Stress that you feel as kind of an everyday blanket holding you down.

Stress is a very negative part of many of our lives. We try to handle it as best we can, but eliminating it is hard. Sometimes, just managing it is hard.

At AcueXperts, we have seen many customers walk in our door asking about stress. “How can I actually get stress relief by putting needles in my body?”

Answering this question requires learning about holistic health and how it works. It means understanding the natural chemistry of the body and how our mental health relates to our physical health. This isn’t the kind of thing that you learned in high school, perhaps, but when you know it, it makes the equation a lot easier to understand.

Stress – Everyone Has It

Stress is endemic in this society. It would be weird if you met someone who didn’t have any stress at all (though some “zen masters” accomplish some measure of this reasonably well). All of us work in the context of our life environments. We all have responsibilities, and therefore, almost all of us have some level of stress. The question is how much, and how much does it affect our lives?

Stress – It Affects Each Person Differently

Knowing your level of stress doesn’t mean you know how it’s going to affect you,  because stress affects everyone differently.

Some people thrive on being busy and dancing on the knife edge of being burned out. Some people load up their schedules in order to feel that rush of energy that they get from challenging themselves. Other people just feel tired and overwhelmed. There are even different kinds of stress – for instance, that “eustress” that people feed off of, and the “distress” that takes a toll on you.

Stress and Secondary Conditions

Depression and anxiety can influence each other. That’s part of what modern scientists try to educate their patients about when they see people for a range of psychiatric or mental health disorders both large and small.

Stress can also lead to physical symptoms – tightening in the chest, headaches, nausea or other conditions that you might think are due to some underlying condition. Sometimes it’s just stress.

Come in to AcueXperts and talk about our services and how they can help you. Acupuncture isn’t for everyone but it has helped many people to deal with the stress and negative emotions and mental conditions that they wrestle with in their lives. Again, it’s on a case-by-case basis – what works for you might not work for someone else, and vice versa. But instead of discarding available options, when you navigate the entire menu of possibilities, you often come up with something that does work for you, at least a lot better than how you felt when you started researching how to deal with these challenging conditions.

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