Success Stories

  • I have seen Dr. Booth several times over the past few months and feel so much better after each session. Dr. Booth is extremely knowledgeable. She is very much tuned into my needs, spends a lot of time with me during each session and looks for ways to improve my over all well being (nutrition, sleep, exercise, relaxation). I feel very lucky to have her as a doctor and advisor. I highly recommend Dr. Booth!

    Elizabeth M.
  • My 12-year old son has dealt with allergy problems since he was a baby. We’ve tried a number of therapies with his ENT/allergist – some long term and some short – but during this past spring season he needed more relief. I saw an ad for acupuncture treatments specifically for allergies in the United Wellness office and thought it was worth a try. Dr. Booth took great care to explain the process, benefits, and getting my son (and me!) comfortable with the needles before heading into an exam room. He says the needles didn’t hurt much at all and keeping them in was easy and painless. Immediately after the first session was over my son could breathe through his nose for the first time in weeks. The results lasted about two days but it only took a few more sessions before he had more than two weeks of relief. He wasn’t congested, his insomnia dissipated and he slept better through the night. We are so grateful to Dr. Booth for offering this service, for her easy-going style making us comfortable with the process and her expert acupuncture skills. We will be back for the next allergy season and encourage other kids and adults to do the same.

    Katrina H.
  • I was recently introduced to Malgosia and the awesome world of Gua sha and Acupuncture. Malgosia is extremely professional, knowledgeable and very personable. She made it very ease to talk about my issues and concerns. The Gua sha was the biggest surprise because I thought it might be painful but it wasn’t at all and I immediately felt relief in my neck and injured shoulder. This lasted several days after my treatment. The acupuncture also brought great relief both when I had the flu and again when I had stomach issues. I’ve had such a pleasant experience with Malgosia. Her knowledge and skill set speak for themselves and I love that she thinks outside of the box. I look forward to many more treatments with Malgosia and I really can’t recommend her enough!

    Jessica R.